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New Spanish-language DVD course on False Sects, Discernment and Evangelism

New Spanish-language DVD course on False Sects, Discernment and Evangelism

La Fe de mi Prójimo (My Neighbor’s Faith) - Now Available in our Store

This is a training course in Spanish for churches, Bible institutes and seminaries on recognizing and responding to sects and false religious movements. The course promotes a paradigm of seeing people of other religious beliefs as our neighbors, not as our enemies.  We therefore need to view such people as lost and deceived and in need of the truth. However, we must present this truth with a bold compassion that reflects kindness, respect, and love.

Package includes: 

  • 3 DVDs with twelve 30-55 minute training sessions filmed before live audiences at leadership training conferences in Honduras.
  • 1 CD with PowerPoint presentations, outlines and study questions for each session and supplemental material for further in-depth study.
  • A trailer and sample video clips are available on-line at this link:
  • Access to – a website with supporting and supplemental information as well as a related blog and forum (all in Spanish).

 Topics Covered include: 

  • How to recognize a sect or false religious movement
  • How sects twist the Scripture and create doubt and confusion
  • Mormons (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) – history and doctrine
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses – history and doctrines
  • Seventh-day Adventism – history and doctrines
  • The Trinity – understanding and defending this important biblical teaching
  • Principles for sharing the gospel with people impacted by false religious groups


For more information please contact Joel B Groat in English or Spanish. 

Office.  616.451.4562
Email.   Contact Joel


IRR will have invested over $20,000 in development and production of this resource by the time it is completed. We will make this resource available at or below our cost in producing it. Our goal is to equip pastors and leaders for the work of the ministry and therefore we want to see as broad a use as possible throughout the Spanish-speaking world.  Money made through the sale of this resource will go toward further production and distribution.


Online Retail price $35.00 USD

Institutional price – single units - $25.00 USD

Institutional price – multiple units:  

  • 5-10 units = $22 each (37% discount)
  • 11–19 units = $20 each (42% discount)
  • 20+ units = $18 each (48% discount)
  • 50+ units =  $15 each (57% discount)


“Joel B. Groat and IRR have provided a valuable service to the Spanish-speaking church, making available to them an apologetic resource that deserves to be widely known and shared. The course, 'My Neighbor's Faith' as well as other of IRR’s materials help fill a great void of discernment that exists in the church today. In a clear manner and based on the Scriptures, these materials will help orient and direct the Christian in his faith and will teach him how to share and defend the truth of the Gospel with conviction and compassion." 

Paul Branch, Academic Dean of SETECA (Central American Theological Seminary) Guatemala City, Guatemala 

La Fe de Mi Prójimo (My Neighbor’s Faith), is a series of conferences with content that is biblical, accessible, valuable and designed for those who wish to deepen their understanding of false sects.   

Miguel R. Flores, Producer and Editor - Enlace Honduras

Saulo Reynoso, Dept Head of Production - Enlace Honduras 

La Fe de Mi Prójimo (My Neighbor’s Faith), is an indispensable work that every minister and Christian leader should have. This material provides a reflective study on false sects and other religions that threaten the spread of the Gospel. 

Ing. Ruben Sorto, General Manager, Enlace Honduras