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IRR and you: Transforming Lives Together

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IRR and you: Transforming Lives Together

Josh and Olivia

You can watch Josh and Olivia’s 7-minute transition story here:

“IRR was there for me when I first started having my doubts about the Mormon Church. They were the first place I found anything.”

“IRR was there for me when I was devastated that my husband was leaving the Mormon Church, they were there for me when I was confused as to what the love of Jesus Christ meant.”

“God has used IRR to help us in our marriage, to help us come to Christ, and help us find a true biblical-based church.”

“God used IRR to bring me back to him.”

Help us transform lives through online courses.

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Ministry endorsements for IRR

Paul W. Carden

"IRR is a unique and genuine cutting-edge ministry, combining theological expertise with compassion and cross-cultural vision. They set an overall standard of excellence that few organizations can match. I endorse them wholeheartedly."

Paul W. Carden, Director
The Centers for Apologetic Research

Joel and Norman
IRR Exec. Dir. Joel B Groat and Dr. Norm Geisler

“IRR provides a thoughtful and compassionate witness of genuine Christianity to the Mormon community. Its quality multi-language materials are equipping Christians around the world for a more effective defense of the gospel of Jesus Christ in response to growing spiritual counterfeits.”

Dr. Norman Geisler, Author, Scholar

IRR Ministry Vision Case Statement
IRR Ministry Vision Case Statement

Click here to download our free full-color IRR Case Statement featuring our ministry history, vision, and global impact.

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