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Guidelines for Use of Articles on this Internet Site

Permission is granted for users to download and copy the material on these pages, but under no circumstances is it to be reproduced and distributed for sale or profit by any individual or organization. Some materials are copyright by the Institute for Religious Research (IRR). Please observe copyright notices where they appear on specific pages. No material on this site may be copied to another location on the Internet without the express written permission of the Institute for Religious Research, 600 West Street, Cedar Springs, MI 49319

If you wish to link an MIT page to another www document, please use the URL of the title page only, as this site is likely to undergo frequent changes and we cannot guarantee that any URL besides the home page will remain unchanged. If you do establish a link to this site, please notify us by email so we can keep you informed of changes.

The IRR/MIT web site is provided as a free service to the Internet public by the Institute for Religious Research, a nonprofit, non-denominational organization, devoted to the study of religious claims in the light of the Bible. If you find these resources of value, please consider supporting the Institute for Religious Research. Information about doing so is available by following the link to Introduction to IRR.