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Transforming Lives with Compassionate Truth

Josh and Olivia
Personal Transition

“IRR was there for me when I first started having my doubts about the Mormon Church. They were the first place I found anything.”

“IRR was there for me when I was devastated that my husband was leaving the Mormon Church, they were there for me when I was confused as to what the love of Jesus Christ meant.”

“God has used IRR to help us in our marriage, to help us come to Christ, and help us find a true biblical-based church.”

“God used IRR to bring me back to him.”

Transformed Lives

"IRR was there for me indirectly and for my family when I was getting close to joining the (Mormon) church."

"IRR was a fantastic resource full of applicable information and quality research."

"God used IRR to educate me about the Mormon Church, to open my eyes, to strengthen my faith, and in the end lead me to biblical Christianity again."