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Effectively Engaging Other Faiths

Effectively Engaging Other Faiths

We can help you show compassion and share truth with less fear.

Many people feel uncertain and intimidated when they encounter someone of a different religion or faith tradition. That fear hinders human connection and authentic relationships.  IRR offers training and resources that take the fear out of encountering other faiths.

IRR Key Steps Guide-3 Keys to Helping Others See the Truth About Mormonism
You can help a friend or family member not get drawn into the confusing and deceptive maze of the Mormon Church and its’ manipulative methods of proselytizing.  But it’s harder than it looks. This guide will give you a path to success.

The 5 Cs of Interfaith Engagement: Key Components That will Free you to Move Without Fear - Mostly
Here are five practical and biblical components to help you start and grow relationships with people from a different, and maybe even intimidating, cultural or religious background. They will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable than you thought possible.

Relational Questions for the Redemptively Curious
These questions will give you something to say and a roadmap for developing a real and redemptive relationship with the Mormon, Muslim, or anyone from a different religious culture or background.

Have You Received a Letter from a Jehovah's Witness? Use These Articles to Write them Back
This page features 24 different articles each giving a biblical answer to an important JW teaching. Write a short, kind reply thanking the JW for their letter and enclose a printed version of one of these articles. You can be a voice of God's love and truth.

You Can Know What to Say and How to Say it 
Why can it be so hard to communicate with a Mormon, SDA, or Jehovah's Witness? This article was written by IRR Exec Dir Joel Groat for Fuller Seminary's Journal of Evangelical Interfaith Dialogue. It explains the cultural components that can keep us from communicating clearly.

Lessons From my Muslim Encounter
How would you respond if a Muslim cleric suddenly leaned on your back in the Nairobi, Kenya airport?

A winsome and simple approach to help a Mormon (or anyone in a performance-based religion) see the gospel as the answer to their biggest problem.