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Faith Thinkers


Message for those interested in Faith Thinkers


The ministry Faith Thinkers, co-founded by Robert M. Bowman Jr. in 2019, has been dissolved. In December 2022, Dr. Bowman became the president of the Institute for Religious Research (IRR). You are now on IRR’s main website.

Here are some choices for you: 

  • IRR Home Page: Find out about our resources on biblical Christianity, the Latter-day Saint religion, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and more. Some of the pages that were on the Faith Thinkers site will be moved here in the coming weeks.
  • Find Dr. Bowman’s academic papers, including some that were on the website.
  • Faith Thinkers: 30 Christian Apologists You Should Know, Dr. Bowman’s book available on Amazon, introducing apologetic thinkers from Luke to Lee Strobel.
  • Rob’s blog, where you will find many of the articles that were on the Faith Thinkers website.

To those of you who supported Faith Thinkers, thank you!