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Private Message Board

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Private Message Board

If you would like contact from IRR but can't take phone calls or emails for personal reasons, feel free to request a private, anonymous message board account where we can leave you answers to your questions or links to information. 

Here's how it works. Start by filling out this form by telling us what you want your user name and password to be. We will create an account for you with this information. You are not required to provide an email address and you will not receive any email messages from us. Your account will be created in a matter of hours and once it is ready you can login here with the user name and password you provided. If you have problems logging in, you may contact us with a description of the problem and we'll look into it right away.

Once you're logged into the Private Message Board system here on our website, you'll see any new messages we've posted to you on your dashboard and you'll have an easy way to continue communicating with us.

Must be at least 6 characters. Keep it secret, keep it safe.