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Truth in Depth Presents: Mormonism’s Greatest Problems – Truth in Depth Prod.

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Mormonism's Greatest Problems

Three CDs – over 31/2 hours - Five major problems with Mormonism are clearly defined and discussed in depth by experts on these subjects. Subjects discussed are: The ramifications of losing the first 116 pages of the Book of Mormon that Joseph Smith translated from the gold plates, DNA of the American Indians and its relationship to the claims of the Book of Mormon, The Book of Abraham papyrus - what was it really, The origin, deception and history of Mormon polygamy and polyandry (more than one husband), and the inconsistencies within Mormon doctrine. Experts include Bill McKeever, Eric Johnson, ex-Mormons Sandra Tanner, Jim Robertson, Andy Poland, Dr.Thomas Murphy, Dr. Simon Southerton, and others. Hosted and produced by Roger Resler.